last minute sessions

what is it?

how does it work?

these are sessions that aren't planned in advance. they are super last minute (i'm talking same day or within the next day or so).

these sessions are all planned by me and will be short notice. when i have a session idea, i will send an email out opening the offer to anyone in the area. after one hour, i will share it to my social media, opening the offer to anyone. if the idea resonates with you, i will then get you to sign a contract and pay a deposit (40% of my regular session fee) to ensure you will commit and i don't get ghosted or cancelled on.

anyone! i don't care who you are or where you live. i hope to not only be these sessions in the lower mainland / victoria. if i am traveling through somewhere, there is a 110% chance that i will be doing a last minute session there, so it's worth it to put your name no matter where you live!

i am working on adding a sign up box to my website! if you want to be added, send me a email/dm/message!

who can sign up?

say no more - i'm down to travel with you.

fill out my inquiry form and tell me all the details — date(s), location, anything i need to know. then, we'll schedule a time to chat to get on the same page and make sure i'm a good fit (if not, i will help direct you in the right direction). in the meantime, i will do some research and come up with a quote for you.

if we click and you want to move forward, we’ll go over the next steps in our call! i am so so so excited to hear from you + to embark with you on your adventure!!

how does it work?


creative sessions


blue hour candlelight


campfire & s'mores

bob ross paint night

milk bath






acrylic paints
paint brushes
drink + snack of choice

blanket + picnic basket
drink of choice
charcuterie box

firewood + firestarter
graham crackers

candles candles candles
bottle of wine
string lights

**you must supply bathtub!!!
milk bath box (comes with flowers and milk powder)
orange slices
drink + snack of choice

not your average photoshoot.

want to help me complete my photography bucket list?

book one of my bucket list sessions and you'll receive 15% off!

there's no limit to how many of these you book & i constantly update this list more over time, so check in every once in a while for new ideas!

campfire & s'mores
horse back riding
helicopter / plane ride
wedding dress lake
outdoor shower / bath
milk bath
surfing in tofino
wedding dress skateboarding
lake swimming

paint fight / paint each other
air mattress on lake
gazebo + fairy lights
baking / cooking
pool party
cliff jumping
capilano suspension bridge
pillow fight
polar bear swim
... or any other crazy, unique ideas you have!

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for the couples who dont take things too seriously