"im way too awkward to get my photos done"

wtf am i getting myself into?

i've heard this a million times before and i'm sure i will hear it a million times more. you are not the only one who feels this way (guess what: even i feel like this!)

my top priority during our session is to make sure you feel comfortable, understood, and are having a good time

during our shoot, i'll give you prompts and challenges that get you moving, laughing, and having a good time all around. these challenges are meant to get your mind off the camera and to connect more with you partner. all you need to do is come prepared to have some fun and try to leave your camera shyness at home. its okay to let loose a little!

but getting your photos done doesnt have to feel this way!!

okay, but how?

disclaimer: i've been told photoshoots are more fun after having a little drink/smoke... bring what you feel you need to your session. i won't judge!

Amanda was an absolute dream to work with. Her laid back demeanour put us at ease and allowed us to have fun and be ourselves. This was mine and my partners first couple shoot, so we were a tad nervous beforehand and unsure what to do once we were there. Amanda had endless prompts and ideas that made us feel comfortable and confident. We were so excited to receive our photos and absolutely loved them! This was also a great bonding experience for my partner and I as it allowed us to step outside our comfort zones together and have a few good laughs. I couldn’t recommend this experience enough. Talk about a great date night!"

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Our experience with Amanda was awesome!! She was super organized from the beginning of planning the photoshoot to the end of receiving the pictures! She has a well detailed guide for photo shoots which is super helpful for couples/individuals who have never gotten their photos taken before! Amanda is super nice and friendly! She has great prompts to make sure that you’re smiling and having fun! The pictures look fantastic, you can tell that she puts a lot of time and effort into her pictures! Overall, it was super fun and I would definitely go back to Amanda for photos in the future!!!! 10/10!!"

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