How to do a Sparkler Exit at Your Wedding

May 8, 2023

Next to champagne pops, doing a sparkler exit at your wedding one way or another is an easy, cheap way to spice up your wedding (and get some more pinterest worthy photos from).

Your photographer should know how to execute a sparkler exit, but just so you can be in the loop too, here are my suggestions for how to efficiently and correctly do your sparkler exit to prevent a chaotic situation and to get the best photos for your wedding gallery possible, as well as other ways to incorporate sparklers into your wedding.

Not everyone needs to be included.

Especially if you are having a large wedding! For elopements this may be different as there are far less guests, but for large weddings, it’s best to not include everyone. This doesn’t mean it has to be done in secret (they can stand by and watch) but not every guest needs to be holding a sparkler.

When there are too many people and too many sparklers involved, it can make for a very chaotic time. It’s best to have about 20 sparklers (the long ones!) in total. Typically, i get the bridal party or family or both to be holding the sparklers to make it more personal for the couples.

Light the sparklers all at once.

Speaking from past mistakes, i know this is a very important one! Lighting the sparklers one at a time will only ensure that they go out before you get the chance to do photos. Make sure you have multiple lighters or candles around to get them all lit at the same time.

As soon as they’re lit, get ready for photos! Make sure you know what you’re doing before you light them so you don’t waste those precious seconds.

Do them during blue hour.

While i know they’re meant to be used for the exit from your wedding, doing them in the pitch black doesn’t always make for the best possible photos. My recommendation is to do them during blue hour (the hour following sunset). There is still plenty of light out for your photographer to use while still emphasizing the sparklers. And nobody needs to know if you didn’t actually use them to exit.

Other ways to include sparklers in your wedding.

  • take them out during couples portraits, or do a quick 10-minute portrait break during your reception when blue hour hits.
  • have them on your cake during cake cutting.
  • get bridal party to light them during your first kiss at the altar.
  • get your guests sitting in the aisle seats at your ceremony to light them as you walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. make sure to stop for a kiss halfway through!
  • instead of a flower girl, have a sparkler girl.
  • use them for the couples entrance into the reception.
  • use them during your first dance. get your family and bridal to surround you with them.

No matter how you decide to use sparklers in your wedding, they will certainly create a “wow” factor for your guests, and will add a little extra sparkle to your wedding. Have fun with it!

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amanda reed is an elopement photographer based in vancouver, british  columbia capturing authentic love stories for the couples who don't take themselves too seriously.