how to make the most of your snow day photoshoot

January 12, 2022

it seems like this year we’re going to be getting a lot of snow here in bc, and you know what that means? SNOW SESSIONS!!!

the thing about snow sessions is that they can just be cold and wet if you aren’t properly prepared. so here are some tips/ideas for you to make sure you come prepared for your snow session so you can actually enjoy it!

the first, most important, thing is to dress warmly!! you probably dont want to be decked out in full snow gear, so my advice to you is to layer up — double up on your socks, wear leggings under your pants, wear triple layers of shirts. whatever you gotta do! if you have a cute winter hat/jacket/scarf be sure to wear it!! i keep you moving a lot during my sessions so hopefully that will help warm you up but its best to be prepared — and you can always de-layer (is that a word?) if you need to!

even if you do bundle up, you still need to be open to potentially getting cold/wet. prepare by bringing a change of clothes for afterwards!  in my sessions, i’ll probably get you to do things like have a snowball fight, throw snow in the air, build a snowman, make snow angels, etc. so you will definitely need to be prepared to get into the snow!

choose a location that highlights the fact that there’s snow (but be sure both you and your photographer are able to get there without getting stuck in the snow)! you probably don’t want to pick somewhere that has too much coverage from the snow (like a dense forest) since there probably won’t be as much snow there. your best bet is probably to find somewhere open and maybe even with a view!

choose an activity to do based around the snow!! this one is also super important. if you want to opt for something out of the box and way more fun than a typical posed photoshoot, you have tons of options for snow activities. if you’ve always wanted to try snowshoeing, take your photographer with you!

and lastly, be sure to have a warm drink waiting for you in the car for after (or if you’re like me you’ll stop at starbucks on the way home)

hopefully that helps you to feel a bit more prepared for your upcoming snow session!

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