How to Have a Successful Champagne Pop

April 30, 2023

Standing in front of a beautiful sunset is a couple doing a champagne pop. One partner is wearing a top hat and suit, and the other is wearing a leather jacket and white boho dress. The partner wearing the suit sprays the champagne into the air, creating a shower of liquid. The partner in the white dress leans away from the spray with a laugh, holding a champagne flute.

You’re probably already familiar with the classic champagne toast, but have you considered a champagne pop?

A champagne pop is something i consider essential for an elopement, wedding, or engagement shoot. It’s cheap, easy, and makes for the best photos! Why not?

To get the best champagne pop photos, it’s important you know a few things before you whip it out during your photoshoot. Your photographer should be able to guide you through this, but if you want to be extra prepared, here are some tips that I give to my couples when getting them ready.

Buy two bottles.

Yep, that’s right. If you do want to actually drink after the champagne pop, I suggest buying two bottles: one for the spray, and one to drink. To be environmentally conscious, I suggest buying a bottle of sparkling water to spray all over the place, and then something you actually want to drink for the second bottle. This eliminates any worry about spraying too much and having none leftover to drink.

Shake it up!

When you go for the actual spray, remember to shake! To get the spray, you’ll want to partially cover the top with your finger (sort of like when had a hose as a kid and wanted to spray your sibling with it – you cover the nozzle to get the water to shoot out better)

Aim right at me!

You heard me! If I’m your photographer, aim right for me – don’t be afraid of getting me wet, the camera is weather (and champagne) proof. Where you aim can be the difference between good and great spray photos. When you aim right at the photographer, it captures the spray much better and will provide depth to the photo.

Remember: if you’re spraying champagne or juice, it’s gonna be sticky! Keep this photo idea for an outside location and maybe bring something to wipe your hands on afterwards.

Want another way to add that “wow” factor into your elopement, wedding, or couples shoot? Check out my blog on sparkler exits and how to best execute one!

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